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Our Mission Statement:
    The purposes and objectives for which the Seadrift Sail and Yacht Club is organized and operated are to encourage yachting and the science and art of designing, building, navigating, and handling small boats of all types, and to assist the members of the Club in becoming proficient in such pursuits; to provide a meeting place for the members; to foster the mutual exchange of ideas and the development of common interests with respect to yachts, sailing and yachting; and for the promotion of social activities among the Club members; to gather and disseminate such information as the members may desire; to aid them in the conduct of their sailing and yachting activities; to encourage an intellectual contact among the members of this corporation and the members of other associations devoted to similar pursuits; to qualify the members, participation in various sailing and  yachting association activities, achieved by Club membership in those associations and to promote boat safety.


Please take a look at our site, and let us know if you would like to be a part of the SS&YC.

News and Events

Seadrift Sail & Yacht Club Cleanup Seadrift Bay Front

Seadrift Wednesday The Seadrift Sail & Yacht Club recently participated in its quarterly cleanup of the Seadrift bay front. This time the club had some help from the Lakeside 4H club and Extension Agent Rhonda Cummins. Please check out a few of the photos from the cleanup and BBQ.






Lakeside 4H

Seadrift Sail & Yacht Club and Lakeside 4H Build Puddle Duck and More...

Seadrift Wednesday

In many rural communities, 4-H is seen through the light of its rich past of agricultural and livestock oriented projects. Yet as times have changed, so has the Texas 4-H and Youth Development Program. Today's 4-H is more than just “cows and cookies”. The mission is “to prepare youth to meet the challenges of childhood, adolescence and adulthood, through a coordinated, long-term, progressive series of educational experiences that enhance life skills and develop social, emotional, physical and cognitive competencies”. In other words, 4-H is about having fun, learning, exploring and discovering. Young people make new friends, develop new skills, become leaders and help shape their communities. Youth have the opportunity to pursue their own interests - from fashion to photography, from raising rabbits to building rockets.
So if you live near water, why not build a boat?

Seadrift Wednesday The final days of summer found 4 boys from the Lakeside 4-H Club doing just that, building a boat alongside the commodore of the Seadrift Sail and Yacht Club. Brothers Ethan and Casey Wooldridge, Drew Rivera, and Grant Gray teamed up with Jack LaBarge, 4-H club manager Connie Wooldrige and Texas Sea Grant Extension Agent Rhonda Cummins to build a puddle duck racer. The group met on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings for about 3 hours each for two weeks. Almost any one can build a complete boat for $100 or less using materials that come from the local lumber yard/hardware store. The building activity utilizes some important life skills such as using tools and reading plans, as well as the application of several math concepts outside the classroom.

Seadrift Wednesday The basic boat is 8 feet long and 4 feet wide. In it's simplest configuration it can be a rowboat, or it can be completed as a sailboat.
The boys choose to start with a rowboat and Jack built in some additional supports for later in case they decide to upgrade and learn to sail. On the last day, the oar locks and sockets were installed to complete the project and the Wooldridge boys took the vessel on it's maiden voyage. Conditions at the bayfront were perfect for beginner rowing lessons. Once everyone settles into their new school routines, keep your eyes open on the bay...you just might see one of the club members rowing by in the Lakeside Duck.

Many thanks to Jack for his patience, tools, and expertise. Thanks to the mom's who brought the boys and stayed to help: Becky Gray, Linda Rivera, and Connie Wooldridge. And thanks to the club members who participated. You guys did a great job!


Seadrift Sail & Yacht Club Wednesday Night Sail and Potluck

Seadrift Wednesday We have started back with our Wednesday evening sail and potluck/bbqs again. These will be held on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month starting May of 2010.Email Jack if you need directions. These are a great way to get out of the house and brake up that long work week. Lots of fun, food, and sailing! Meet down at the club area around 5:30pm - 6:00pm and come watch the sunset! If you have never sailed before and want to learn or just want to have a good time please join us! We welcome all just bring your own beverages (No glass bottles please)and a dish if you would like. No glass bottles please!


Bay Front Cleanup March 2010

Seadrift Wednesday


August 8th 09 Club Distributes Personal Monofilament Recycling Cans at Port Lavaca Leg of the Texas Redfish Series.

Club member and local Texas Sea Grant Extension Agent, Rhonda Cummins coordinated for the remaining collection bins to be assembled, she is also overseeing the program. The Mid-Coast Chapter Texas Master Naturalists™ helped club members to assemble approximately 775 bins on Saturday, August 8th in Port Lavaca. Special thanks to all who volunteered, your time is greatly appreciated! For more info about this volunteer program please visit http://midcoast.tamu.edu or http://masternaturalist.tamu.edu
Midcoast Master Naturalists Volunteer Midcoast Master Naturalists Volunteer Midcoast Master Naturalists Volunteer


August 7th 09 SS&YC Distribute Personal Recycling Cans at the Texas Redfish Series in Port Lavaca

Redfish Series Port LavacaDistribution began Friday, August 7th in Port Lavaca, Texas at this yearís registration for the last stop of the Texas Redfish Series. The Texas Redfish Series was an excellent starting point for SS&YC where approximately 150 collection bins were distributed to tournament anglers. The programís goals are to help keep monofilament fishing line out of waterways, landfills, and the environment by stowing used fishing line, or any found during trips, in a personal collection bin. The clear plastic tube is small enough to be attached to a railing, mast, or tackle box on any boat. It can also be stowed in a cubby on a kayak, or attached to a boat dock. Itís also good for boaters because it helps eliminate tangled props!

SS&YC begins Monofilament Recovery & Recycle program at the Texas Redfish Series Registration in Port Lavaca on August 7th.

Club members will be present at the Texas Redfish Series Tournament stop in Port Lavaca to distribute collection bins made to hold monofilament line. Funded by a grant from the BoatUS Foundation.

Monofilament RecycleUsed monofilament fishing line can be recycled. Help keep monofilament fishing line out of waterways, landfills, and the environment by stowing used fishing line, or any found during trips, in a personal collection bin. Itís simple and easy. The clear plastic tube is small enough to be attached to a railing, mast, or tackle box on any boat. It can also be stowed in a cubby on a kayak, or attached to a boat dock.

The collection bins were designed to hold monofilament fishing line, once the bin is full it can be emptied into an indoor collection bin or an outdoor PVC bin. These may be found at local boat ramps, fishing piers and parks, local shops, marinas, recycling centers, or the County Extension Office. Drop your line into one of these recycling bins. Larger bins, available in many locations, are overseen by volunteers, government agencies, non-profit groups, and businesses as part of a statewide program.

Monofilament RecycleDistribution will begin Friday, August 7th in Port Lavaca, Texas at this yearís registration for the Texas Redfish Series Tournament. The Texas Redfish Series is an exciting one-day event where 125 two-person teams compete for cash and prizes, an excellent starting point for SS&YC. Club member and local Texas Sea Grant Extension Agent, Rhonda Cummins has coordinated the grant with BoatUS and is overseeing the program.

Monofilament RecycleďClub members are excited to begin promotion for the Monofilament Recovery and Recycle Program,Ē states Jack LaBarge, SS&YCís Commodore. ďThe program will help distribute 1,000 collection bins statewide. As a non-profit organization, the Seadrift Sail and Yacht Club would like to contribute to the community. We all fish, sail or kayak in these waters, letís keep them clean. Thank you to Rhonda for all her help and introducing us to this program.ď The program is very simple, low maintenance, and extremely good for waterways and their inhabitants. Itís also good for boaters because it helps eliminate tangled props!

If youíd like more information about this program, to request a brochure or to schedule an interview with Jack LaBarge, please call 361.772.8002 or e-mail Jack at labargedugan@juno.com

BoatUS Foundation

Check out this video courtesy of BoatUS Foundation



Collection Bin locations in Calhoun County

Alamo Beach:
Boat Ramp

Guadalupe River:
RV Park

Fishing Center

Magnolia Beach:
J & T’s One Stop (Indoor Bin)

Hatteras Park Boat Ramp

Point Comfort:
Boat Ramp
Fishing Pier

Port Alto:
County Park

Port Lavaca:
Bayfront Peninsula Boat Ramp
Bayfront Peninsula Fishing Pier
Chocolate Bayou Boat Ramp
Extension Office (Indoor Bin)
Harbor of Refuge Boat Ramp
Lighthouse Beach Boat Ramp
Lighthouse Beach Fishing Pier

Port O’Connor:
Fishing Center
Kingfisher Park
Larry’s Marina
Little Jetties
Powderhorn RV Park

Powderhorn RV Park

Saltwater Pavilion

Charlie’s Bait Camp
City Hall (Indoor Bin)
City Harbor
Sail and Yacht Club Area
Swan Point Boat Ramp
Swan Point Park

Six Mile:
Boat Ramp
Fishing Pier

The Calhoun County Recycling Center has an
indoor bin plus PVC bins on each of the four
mobile trailers that travel the county.


"Seadrift Sailors Offer Warm Welcome"
(Article published in the Victoria Advocate)

Editor, the Advocate:

It isnít very often these days that one meets strangers that are really nice and accommodating right up front.

Well, me and the group I sail with did just that last week. There were five of us in sailboats that sailed into Seadrift late one afternoon, looking for a place to get a shower and hot meal.

Within just a few minutes of tying up to the docks at the marina, we were greeted by a gentleman by the name of Jack LaBarge, who introduced himself as Commodore of the Seadrift Sail and Yacht Club, and, shortly thereafter, we met Wesley Hunt and a fine gent by the name of Kelly.

Jack let us know immediately that we were welcomed at Seadrift and insisted that if there was anything we needed or somewhere we needed to go, that the Yacht Club would be at our disposal, and they would consider it an honor to be of help to any of us.

We were also invited to the weekendís festivities and were invited to return to Seadrift on our next cruise in the area.

We dined at a local restaurant and stayed at a local motel and spent a few dollars at the Marina as well.

Upon leaving, there was another turnout to see us off and ask us back again, things that you just donít see happening anymore, or at least rarely.

As we sailed off, we could see them in the distance, still talking to each other and waving at us.

Personally, my hat is off to the guys at the Seadrift Sail and Yacht Club, their wives and friends; they made all of my group feel really good about returning to Seadrift.

I think the city of Seadrift and the mayor and council should be really proud to have that group representing the town.

We will very likely return next year, and I wouldnít be surprised if the Texas 200 sailboat race picks Seadrift as one of its many waypoints.

Fair winds to you, too, Jack. Wesley and Kelly et al., see you again soon.

Bill Tosh










   Pictures of the Texas 200 Guys taken during the event



For information about the club and upcoming events please call  361-772-8002, or email us at


**Active duty military are invited to join the club at no charge!
  So if you love being out on the water come join us for a great experience.

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